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LIVE: SpaceX Founder Elon Musk is launching a Tesla Roadster to Mars ‘just for fun’ today

Pat Gray Unleashed

On Tuesday, SpaceX founder and serial tech entrepreneur Elon Musk will launch the Falcon Heavy into deep space from the historic 39A launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Musk told CBS News the Falcon Heavy is a “major advancement in rocketry” and essentially more powerful with “twice the thrust of anything from Russia, China, Boeing, Lockheed or Europe.”

The rocket is massive in size. Musk, who is also one of the chief designers, built the rocket which encompasses three Falcon 9 rockets banded together -- the largest and most powerful operational rocket in the world.

"It's just for fun," Musk told CBS News. "A lot of people (wondered,) what's the purpose of sending a car to Mars? There's no point, obviously! It's just for fun and to get the public excited. Normally, when a new rocket is tested, they put something really boring on like a block of concrete or a chunk of steel or something. ... The car is just the most fun thing we could think of."

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