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LOOTERS BEWARE: Ukrainians have perfected public shaming — with a lot of shrink-wrap and possibly your PANTS

Image source: Video screenshot

Ukrainian citizens have allegedly taken to publicly shaming those who decide to take advantage of the war-caused chaos to do a bit of looting.

According to Ukraine's Korrespondent, one "enterprising citizen" who decided to take advantage of an understaffed store chose to “buy something there without money."

"The looter was unlucky – he was seen by local residents. They called the police to the place,” continued the report (if Google translate can be trusted.) "The arriving patrol found the marauder without pants and taped to a pole."

Following that report on Sunday, images of more unlucky looters began cropping up on social media.

Check out this poor chump (apparently, the sign shrink-wrapped to his shoulder reads "marauder, :

This marauder had it even worse:

This guy doesn't look too happy:

Libs of Tik Tok had an idea for curbing the out-of-control looting plaguing many of America's progressive cities.

Who knows? Maybe they're on to something.

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