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Matt Walsh: Fight for a $15 min. wage or you're a fascist. And a bigot.

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh has taken up the fight for fairness and equality, recognizing that the $15 minimum wage is a human right. He came to this understanding because of the unfairness he has experienced in his life. He has not been able to get a job in the seven years since obtaining his degree in contemporary dance (well, a six-figure job within 10 miles of his parents' house where he lives).

He passionately points out the injustice of making $9/hr at a fast food restaurant while Bill Gates "makes $9 billion a second."

Matt points out just how unfair that is and notes that, under socialism, that would never be allowed. Under socialism, he states, he would be making the same as Bill Gates, and he suggests his viewers "look at all the success stories" from the socialist nation of Venezuela.

Join Matt in his Fight for $15 so he doesn't "die of hypothermia in the walk-in freezer" at his job in the fast food industry.

To see more from Matt Walsh, visit his channel on TheBlaze.

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