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Media uses synagogue massacre to smear Trump. Glenn Beck reacts — and he’s not happy.

Media uses synagogue massacre to smear Trump. Glenn Beck reacts — and he’s not happy.

Over the weekend, the media — both social and mainstream — rushed to turn the tragic mass murder of 11 people in a synagogue near Pittsburgh, into another way to bash President Donald Trump. The media blamed him and his supporters for everything from inciting hatred and violence to being an anti-Semite Nazi sympathizer.

"Look how the press ... made this into Donald Trump," Glenn said on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program” Monday. "If a giant cartoon safe fell on Donald Trump today, and he was removed from the Earth, all these problems would still exist.

"Donald Trump is a symptom," he asserted. "There is a sickness in our society. Our political system is nothing more than a reflection of us. People are alone, they're tired, they're afraid. They don't want to be stuck in the middle between two parties that are blaming each other for everything — or blaming them."

"You know why America is a little upset right now? They're tired of being blamed," Glenn continued. "They're out here busting their ass, they're out here working every single day, trying to raise their kids, trying to figure out how to navigate and keep their children safe while in a prison system called school that is teaching, and undoing everything that most parents believe.

He noted that nobody is actually answering questions or offering any solutions. Politicians, celebrities and the media are all too busy blaming "the other side" to offer anything constructive.

"I'm sorry," added Glenn. "But what's happening in our society is a symptom."

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