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Missouri House Bill could hold gun-free business owners liable for injuries


Missouri lawmakers heard a bill this week which would hold business owners who ban firearms at their establishment liable for shootings on their property. Missouri is a "constitutional carry" state, meaning anyone legally allowed to have a gun can carry it without an additional permit. Guns are still banned in schools and also businesses with signs posted barring the possession of guns on their property.

Such businesses would be liable for injuries sustained on their property under House Bill 96. Missouri State Representative Nick Schroer is behind the bill and joined Dana Loesch tonight on "Dana."

The representative explained that 90% of the feedback he's received from citizens is in favor of the bill, as they believe businesses who strip them of their second amendment rights are endangering them and their loved ones. Dana likened the concept to the liability of a business when one sustains a fall on the premises.

Schroer is also an attorney for a small business in the state he represents and agreed, stating that third party liability is a main focus of law suits. He argued that if patrons are prevented from having the ability to defend themselves, it is not unreasonable to imagine someone with ill intent entering that business and doing harm, considering that 98 percent of mass shootings occur in designated gun-free zones.

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