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Noam Chomsky predicts Trump will stage 'false flag' attack; liberals oddly silent

Glenn Beck

In a recent interview with Democracy Now, liberal activist and philosopher Noam Chomsky predicted that President Donald Trump's supporters would eventually become disillusioned by the lack of economic improvement and grow restless, at which point the federal government would either invent or stage a terrorist attack — or allow a small one to proceed that it could choose to stop — in order to drum up support for Trump.

Wednesday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn wondered why Chomsky wasn't being dismissed by the left as a conspiracy nut the same way Glenn was when he expressed similar concerns during the Obama Administration.

"So if I just say outrageous things in a very quiet tone, it sounds completely reasonable," Pat Gray said, imitating Chomsky's low, rumbling speaking voice.

Glenn came partly to Chomsky's defense.

"His facts here are not necessarily wrong. When things begin to collapse, what are they going to do? He happens to believe the worst of Donald Trump. I happen to believe the worst of Barack Obama. And so if you believe the worst, yeah, that could be, because that historically is what happens. But can we have that conversation? No. We can't. We certainly can not."

Pat, meanwhile, opined that these fears were overblown: "This is the stuff of Alex Jones."

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