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Over 100 grassroots groups came together to oppose Trump's tactics on the health care bill

Dana Loesch


The war over health care reform appears to be far from over with word of a new plan being floated by President Donald Trump just this week. Ken Emanuelson, founder of Grassroots Texans joined Dana Loesch to discuss a letter recently sent to the President by over 100 different grassroots organizations in Texas.

Within a matter of 48 hours, the groups came together to sign the letter which reminded the president of the promises he made to the American people and to encourage him to make good on his promise to repeal Obamacare. The letter further pointed out to whom Congress and the president owe their victories as well as the fact that they would be able to accomplish more if they would stop attacking fellow Republicans.

"I hope every one of the 50 states sends a letter from their conservative activists. If you're not in a state that's Texas or Ohio and you need to get this message out, put a letter together. Even if it's ten activists, put a letter together and send a message to Trump," Emanuelson encouraged.

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