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Pre-dawn FBI raid on journalist at direction of Biden's DOJ could backfire


Journalist Lara Logan tweeted about her first livestream with Project Veritas' President James O'Keefe. In a separate tweet, Logan amplified footage caught on a hidden camera of an FBI raid conducted at the home of O'Keefe and two other Project Veritas journalists. The caption for Logan's tweet read, "Unconstitutional pre-dawn FBI Raid on Project Veritas journalist shows armed agents clutching weapons, tossing belongings, and ransacking home at the direction of Biden DOJ."

The raids occurred in November of 2021. According to O'Keefe, the government's invasion of their First Amendment Rights should send shivers down the spine of every journalist. O'Keefe vowed he would continue to fight for the rights of all journalists.

What else?

The ACLU is by no means a friend to Project Veritas, calling the tactics used by O'Keefe as "disgraceful deceptions" that "reasonable observers might not consider to be journalism at all." But even the ACLU agreed this raid set a precedent that could have "serious consequences for press freedom."

What do you think? Did the FBI abuse its authority? Watch the video for more details..

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