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#Resistance News lays out plan for never offending anyone -- ever


#Resistance News Network anchor Allie Stuckey interviewed "Give Me Safe Spaces Or Give Me Death" author Matt Walsh on the recent verbal violence inflicted by Chris Pratt.

The #RNN's purpose is to expose "the ever present danger of words, phrases and gestures."

The latest offender is wildly popular actor Chris Pratt, who posted an Instagram video that started "Listen up!" This is deeply insensitive to the Deaf community.

Walsh, who prefers not to be "otherized," advised everyone making a video or saying anything ever to assume every word forthcoming will be a slur. We must all undertake an extensive process involving lawyers and grief counselors to rid our speech or writing of anything slurrish.

The author implored us all to become an "amorphous blob of genderless, colorless matter." Until "no one is anyone," we are not safe. Failing this, dying is the only way we can assure we never hate, but only love.

This is all the fault of Donald Trump, who has turned America into a death-filled hellscape of hate and bigotry.

Tune in again for future #RNN reports. If you're not offended yet, you should be.

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