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SCOTUS biopic highlighting RBG's civil rights career ends with a glaring factual error

Glenn Beck

The Left has been foaming at the mouth waiting for this movie to drop and when the trailer finally hit the interwebs, it ended with an embarrassing factual error about the Constitution. "On the Basis of Sex" depicts a young and idealistic Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who the Left affixes to like the second coming of Jesus. Their progressive icon is depicted as a young and ambitious lawyer who sues the government for discrimination based on gender.

Actress Felicity Jones stars in the film slated for theaters Christmas Day.

The obvious problem with the trailer is in the last few seconds. At the very end,  Ginsburg stands in front of a bench where a male judge purports that "The word 'woman' does not appear even once in the U.S. Constitution." Ginsburg responds: "Nor does the word 'freedom,' your honor." While the Left, of course, celebrated this, lawyers and just about anyone who loves the Constitution couldn't help but notice this glaring error.

See it for yourself below: 

Here's what lawyers and Twitter had to say: 

Catch Glenn's critique in the clip above. 

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