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Shepard Smith blamed Republicans for politicizing climate change; does he even know his audience?


Tuesday, on Pat Gray Unleashed, Pat played footage of Fox News host Shepard Smith telling his largely Republican audience that "especially Republicans have politicized global warming."

Shepard Smith's assessment

Smith reported on Monday that the White House intentionally released a climate science report ahead of schedule on Black Friday to limit visibility to the general public.

Smith attributed the devastation from recent heat waves, floods, and wildfires to man-made climate change.

What was in the climate change report?

"'Heat waves are getting stronger, floods are growing larger, wildfires are obliterating more of America's landscape and it's because of climate change that is largely man-made. Our burning of fossil fuels is damaging planet earth and the time to stop it is running out. By the end of this century, climate change could change the U.S. economy by hundreds of billions of dollars," the report said.

"That is the warning in a new report released on Friday — ahead of schedule — by the Trump administration," Smith said.

Smith continued ...

"The climate science is accepted science, governments across the nation are preparing for what is to come, the U.S. military too — billions of dollars," Smith said. "This is not a political issue, it's science but some have made it political — especially Republicans — and as a result, a lot of folks have missed report. It was dropped, as I said, ahead of schedule on Black Friday when other Americans were busy shopping, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and spending time with the family but it's extremely important."

Al Gore's 2-cents

A climate change discussion on "Pat Gray Unleashed" would not be complete without a word from Al Gore.

"We are seeing every night on the television news that we are on a nature hike through the book of Revelation. These climate-related weather events have convinced the vast majority of people that the scientists have been right for a long time," Gore said.

"We have to address this but putting someone in the EPA who denies even the most basic scientific truth about this? You know, the old cliches are (sic) you know, you can say the earth is flat but that doesn't mean you're going to fall off the edge," Gore asserted.

Pat chuckled at the absurdity.

The takeaway

Pat asserted that the report that Smith is referencing to is from an agency run by bureaucrats, not by President Donald Trump. He also noted that Smith is not exactly a fan of President Trump and has been known to take advantage of any opportunity for the chance at a proverbial swing at Trump's White House.

Pat lamented that Friday's report contained the same information written by the same scientists that were present during the Barack Obama years.

Pat pointed out that despite the warnings from climate change enthusiasts, the climate has not changed any more drastically than it has any other time on record.

Pat offered that the newest science, from some of the same aforementioned scientists, are now claiming that we are about to enter into a phase of "global cooling," suggesting that we must start blocking warmth from the sun.

Watch the video at the top of this page for details.

Missed the show? No problem. Download it here.

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