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Teens in this state are now breaking the law with this normal summer activity

Glenn Beck

A city in Alabama is requiring anyone who wants to mow lawns to acquire a license that costs $110, discouraging any teenagers trying to make a few extra bucks this summer.

Gardendale, Alabama, requires business licenses for simply mowing someone’s lawn, and teenagers have reportedly been targeted by city officials and lawn-mowing services. Standing in for Glenn Beck on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Doc Thompson protested unnecessary government regulations like lawn-mowing licenses that only stifle entrepreneurship and interfere with the free market. Businesses that can’t perform the service cheaper and better should go under, he asserted.

“How dare you say you want to enforce some piece of legislation to push your competition out of existence?” Doc said of companies that lobby for legislation. “If you can’t stand on your service and be competitive with the kid down the street, you’re doing it wrong.”

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