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The MSM completely twisted Hope Hicks's 'white lies' testimony: 'It was in the question

The News & Why It Matters

In today’s “The News and Why it Matters,” Glenn and friends discuss just how much Hope Hicks' words have been twisted by the mainstream media. We've all heard the reports that Hicks testified to the House Intelligence Committee that she has told "what amounted to white lies" for President Donald Trump.

"That's not hat happened," said Glenn on the subject. "Under oath, she was asked 'We all know you have to tell little white lies, but have you ever told real lies,' and she said 'no.' So they counted that, and made it look like she said, 'I've had to tell little white lies. No, that was in the question."

Watch the clip above to hear Glenn Beck, Doc Thompson, Stu Burguiere, Pat Gray and Sara Gonzales break down today's hottest topics and the stories that really matter to you.

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