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The number of universities that require US History courses for history majors is shockingly low


Glenn Beck was joined in "The Vault" by his daughter Mary Cate, Matt Hayes, and WallBuilders' David Barton and Tim Barton to explore artifacts from different time periods and relate them to lessons America should learn. Even university history majors are barely learning United States history now.

David Barton showed Glenn a Bible from 1794 which is the first and only one in the United States with the Great Seal. The Seal was created in 1782.

Francis Hopkinson designed both the seal as well as the American flag, as well as the first hymn book in the country, which David also had on hand to show Glenn.

He also had currency issued by the Continental Congress, of which Thomas Jefferson lost 97.5 percent that he invested before the Revolution; the money wasn't worth the paper it was printed upon.

Worth considerably more was the Pony Express Bible, given to 224 individuals who were known to ride for the early postal service. Glenn was holding an artifact that could have been owned by Buffalo Bill.

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