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This form of terrorism is pervasive and global -- others are not


The most recent London terror attack saw an apparent reversal of the usual horror Europe has experienced lately. A Caucasian man ran down persons outside the Finsbury Park Mosque.

Many are saying that Islamaphobia and "white" terrorism combined are real problems -- not Islamic terror. There are also many arguing that all terrorism is the same, no matter the religion. While all forms are terrorism are evil, they're not all the same, and therefore they must be dealt with differently.

In this Millennial Moment, Allie Stuckey explained that Islamic terrorism is organized and rooted in religious imperatives from 8th century Islam. It is a world wide effort to form an Caliphate and rid the West of infidels. They kill anyone who disagrees, including other Muslims.

Allie advised, "Use discernment in distinguishing between a single tragedy and a pervasive threat."

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.


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