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Tomi has some final thoughts on the new video from Ferguson, where #BlackLivesMatter began


Tomi's "Final Thoughts" from tonight focus on a new video about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — the incident that is largely credited with starting the #BlackLivesMatter movement. A new documentary released at the SXSW festival in Austin purports to show previously unreleased security camera footage from earlier in the day of Brown's fatal shooting. Although the video is less than clear, the documentary filmmakers allege that it shows Brown engaging in a drug transaction and that the convenience store robbery that led to Brown's fatal interaction with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was the result of a misunderstanding from that transaction.

"Yes, unseen security footage of Michael Brown in that sketchy Ferguson convenience store. It's also important to know the filmmaker, Jason Pollack, was a Michael Moore protegé," Tomi says. "Yeah that would be the socialist loving, sack of crap, Michael Moore."

The footage attempts to show that Brown didn't rob the convenience store but was just selling marijuana to the store clerk, an allegation that the store clerk in question denies. Tomi's response? In the words of  quotes Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make?"

Tomi wonders if what difference it makes that Brown was selling drugs instead of robbing the store.

"The fact that this is the go to response for every grievance nowadays from Ferguson, to the inauguration, to free speech on college campuses, and now even a documentary at a conference and film festival is really appaulling. You want justice and dignity, and respect — don't act like thugs. I don't care what color you are," Tomi comments in response to the constant protests going on.

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