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Tomi Lahren fires back at Meryl Streep and the Hollywood elite


Meryl Streep's polarizing speech while accepting her lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes has dominated recent headlines, but Tomi Lahren provides some reminders to Streep about life outside the Tinseltown bubble. Tomi claims that Streep's speech reminded Trump supporters why they voted for the real estate mogul and demonstrated the importance of the Electoral College.

"Without the Electoral College, people like Meryl Streep and the rest of the Hollywood elite would have  a stranglehold on the rest of the country," Tomi explains "You know, the football- and MMA-loving rest of the country between the two coasts that break their backs to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and send their American-born children to college — those folks. Remember us?"

Streep also indicated that without the liberal-dominated film industry, Americans would only be able to watch football and MMA on television, which Tomi doesn't see as all that unthinkable of a possibility. Finally, Streep spoke out about the dangers inciting violence and the importance of protecting the truth in an era of misinformation.

"Safeguarding the truth, Meryl?" Tomi asks incredulously. "Was that the same truth, the 33,000 emails of truth Hillary deleted, or...?"

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