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Verified hate: Freelance journalist exposes overwhelming amount of racism among staff at BuzzFeed

Doc Thompson

Freelance journalist Nick Monroe joined “The Morning Blaze” on Wednesday to discuss how open staff and journalists at BuzzFeed are about hating white people.

Monroe exposed their offensive tweets and deliberately racist actions by compiling several racist statements from the staff at BuzzFeed in a Twitter moment titled, "BuzzFeed is racist."

Monroe also discussed a company memo that advocates virtually silencing white writers to prop up minorities.

"That in itself is fine," Monroe said. "I can understand why they want to push up their diversity numbers, but where it gets bad is when you have people like Justin Ling saying 'Hey, I put all the white people that send me pitches into spam.'"

Ling is a freelance journalist based in Toronto who covers defense, security, and politics for BuzzFeed although he hasn't published anything for the outlet in the last five months.

Monroe discussed another editor at large over at BuzzFeed Eyes who, Monroe says, won't read a single article by a white person.

In BuzzFeed's 2014 diversity memo, it states that during the interview process, "The final interview round should never just be several straight white men."

"To me, that crosses a line to where it becomes intolerant," Monroe said.

"Think about how sad it is," Doc Thompson noted. "These people are pushing the narrative of quality and diversity and inclusion and all of this stuff from at least a good starting point of, 'Hey man, don't treat people poorly. Let's get along, be a good person' stuff like this."

"But these individuals, Nick, are so troubled. They're so broken inside that they can't look at somebody that is white for example like you said and even read their tweets. They're that hurt. Their lives are hell," Doc lamented.

Monroe then went on to explain how [BuzzFeed] justifies it as a social justice thing.

Catch the interview above.

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