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BRAINWASHED mask crusader threatens, assaults Costco worker for not wearing mask


'You're threatening my life!'

Image source: Video screenshot

As local health departments and the CDC revise COVID safety guidelines, several of the nation’s largest retailers have relaxed mask policies for customers and employees. But the decision to release the masses from COVID mask captivity isn't sitting well with everyone.

A video circulating on social media shows a man wearing a vented mask wielding a canister of pepper spray inside a Costco. In the video, the masked man stands pointing pepper spray just inches away from an employee's face. Then without warning, he lunges forward to shove the employee, then jumps back and shouts, "Stay away! You're threatening my life!"

At this point, a second employee, presumably a manager, intervenes. The unhinged masker now points the pepper spray at the second employee and also tells him to "stay away."

When the second employee complies and takes a step back, the masker says, "Thank you. Now tell that to this a**hole" and gestures to the first employee.

"You can't be threatening people in here with pepper spray, okay? Do you understand that? You cannot threaten people in here with pepper spray," the employee says calmly.

"I can! You're not a cop. You're not a lawyer," insists the masker, before stalking away.

Several viewers on Twitter were quick to point out that the exhale valve in the man's mask makes him just as big a threat to those around him as not wearing a mask because valved masks only protect the wearer.

Some had sympathy for the evidently brainwashed man.

Others managed to keep their sympathy in check.

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