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Was the March for Science 'woke'?

Glenn Beck

"I can't believe how upside down the world is to where we have radicals chanting to protect...the status quo," Glenn Beck said, kicking off today's Think Tank on "Glenn." He was referring to Saturday's Marches for Science across the country and the marchers who insist on the acceptance of the concept of man-made climate change, rather than scientists who draw different conclusions from data.

The panel called it a "March for Feelings" as many signs at the protest were about political issues such as abortion and gender. They also accused the marchers of "denying the science of chromosomes" and wondered if it was possible to march for actual principals without being tied to a political party.

"When has it ever been a good idea to march for the government to be in bed with science?" Glenn asked. He likened the phenomenon to the church determining scientific doctrine during the Middle Ages. The irony of radicals marching to support people who are enriching themselves with government grants was not lost on the panel.

Glenn then asked Antonia Okafor, founder of EmPOWERed, to discuss Essence magazine's "100 Woke Women" feature, with the panel requiring clarification on the term "woke". Okafor admitted she was not sure exactly what it means, but it seems "if you're not a Republican or a conservative, you're woke."

Glenn summarized the alarming implication of such sentiment: "My entire race must believe this set of principals."

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