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WATCH: Al Sharpton flops while delivering his own sanctimonious monologue invoking Aretha Franklin

Doc Thompson

Nothing kills a joke like a poorly delivered punch line.

Over the weekend, one of the top trending articles on TheBlaze was a video of Al Sharpton completely botching an anti-Tump monologue where he invoked Aretha Franklin's hit song "Respect."

Sharpton, who hosts "PoliticsNation" on MSNBC, thought he was incredibly profound in delivering a sanctimonious spiel about the president's use of the word "dog" to describe his enemies, opponents, and particularly black women.

The main problem was that Sharpton delivered his punch line with one key error that diffused the impact altogether.

His gaffe went like this: "So in the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin, show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T, and the next time you get a black woman and a beagle confused, remember this: I got you."

Here's the video:

On Monday's episode of "The Morning Blaze," Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz rounded up all of the trending headlines from over the weekend, which included Sharpton's flub.

See the clip above.

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