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Watch: 'Fascism. Communism. It's the same thing' -- Glenn breaks out the chalkboard to explain

Glenn Beck

In this video clip from Glenn’s week-long chalkboard series on ‘antifa,’ Glenn continues to explore the question: How did the so-called anti-fascist groups become pro-communism? [To see an earlier clip from this episode, click here.]

Fascism and communism, are they the same thing?

According to the author of “Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook,” Mark Bray, antifa groups are, "self-described revolutionaries. They’re anarchists and communists who are way outside the traditional conservative-liberal spectrum."

Like communists, antifa stands against values like individual liberty and freedom of speech.

"If you are unwilling to agree to disagree, then what is the next logical step? Beating someone into submission? Yeah? How about locking them up? Yes, again?" asked Glenn. "And if that doesn't work, you end up killing people. This has happened, according to history, with both the fascists and the communists. They've answered 'yes' to each of those questions."

Isn't antifa anti-racist?

Antifa also claims to be anti-racist, justifying violent protests against American democracy because they believe the system has failed minority communities. So, historically speaking, how have minorities fared under communist regimes? Here are a few examples:

Under Joseph Stalin's rule, the Soviet Union:

  • Banned Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Jews and over a million people of other ethnic minorities were exiled.
  • 20 million Russians were imprisoned or sent to "gulag" camps in Siberia.
  • 5 million people were executed.


The communist dictator, Mao Zedong, aka "Chairman Mao," ordered at least 10 million executions of his own citizens, namely those in the lower economic classes.

Adolf Hitler claimed he was not a communist but a national socialist. "It's the same thing ... they're all three fascist communist killers," said Glenn. He added, "Here's something I doubt antifa teaches it's new recruits. Although Hitler supposedly hated communists, Hitler actually admitted that they made great converts to Nazism because, he said, the same personality type was attracted to both." The common personality trait he spoke of was a willingness to use any means necessary, including violence, destruction and even murder, to oppose what they deem oppressive.

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