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WATCH: Glenn 'scientifically' tests Obama's beer-chugging claims -- but guess who's the guinea pig


A 2001 video featuring former-President Barack Obama has resurfaced. The video features the then-Illinois Senator claiming, among several other "self-destructive" behaviors, that he "drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class" when he was a teen. The video is being widely circulated amid the recent attacks on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh for his alleged over-fondness for beer in high school. Read more on this here.

On today's "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Stu Burguiere decided to "test" Obama's claim by chugging (at least) six beers in one hour on the show -- purely in the name of science, of course. The results were highly entertaining, if not just a bit disastrous.

Watch the video above for the highlights of Stu's very scientific "power hour."

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