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Watch: Habits of ‘unsuccessful people’: Do you make these mistakes on long weekends?


Do you constantly think about work, stress out and keep up with every work email over the weekend? Not taking time to relax and unwind is a big mistake, according to this list from Business Insider of “11 things unsuccessful people do over long weekends.”

If you don’t check out from your work life and spend some time with loved ones and catching up on non-work-related projects, you may need to rethink your weekend routine.

Doc and Kal recently talked about this list, debating whether the ideas will help and sharing how they usually spend their weekends.

Do you fall into these traps on long weekends?

  • Stressing out and not taking time to relax
  • Spending a lot of money when you don’t need to
  • Using your weekend time to catch up on work
  • Constantly thinking about work

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