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Watch: Jim Acosta makes obscure request of President Trump during news conference

Doc Thompson

On Thursday's episode of "The Morning Blaze," Doc Thompson and Jeffy Fisher discussed an odd request CNN reporter Jim Acosta made of President Donald Trump during Wednesday's news conference in New York City.

Acosta attempted a form of "gotcha journalism" but Trump shut him down quickly.

"Thank you very much. If you don't mind after I'm finished ... if one of our female colleagues could go after me, that would be great," Acosta said. The president patiently asked Acosta to clarify his question.

"What does he mean by that?" asked Trump.

Acosta simply restated his original request and neglected to clarify his intent.

Doc said that what Acosta did during this news conference proves Acosta's incompetence as a reporter. He is simply trying to make the news conference about women, Doc asserted.

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