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Watch: Liberals reveal hypocrisy on human rights by praising regime that tortures its people


North Koreans live in constant fear that they’ll be reported to the authorities for saying the wrong thing or supposedly being disloyal to leader Kim Jong Un or their country. If one person is accused, he or she will be hauled off to a prison camp along with three generations of family members.

The Kim regime has oppressed and tortured its people for decades. So why did CNN, the New York Times, Reuters and other media praise North Korea for its supposed “diplomacy” at the Olympics? Doc was “enraged” on today’s show – for good reason.

“I just loved the whole F-Trump opening to the Olympics last night,” liberal activist Michael Moore tweeted, praising South Korea and North Korea for “coming in together under one blue flag of peace.”

A Reuters headline praised North Korea for heading toward a “diplomacy gold medal” at the Olympic Games, while the New York Times said Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, “outflanked” Vice President Mike Pence with her smiles.

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