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Watch: This light bulb has lasted over 116 years -- you won't believe the reason why

Digital Shorts

Firestation #6 in Livermore, California, has a light bulb has been burning brightly since 1901. Named The Centennial Light Bulb, it was actually no different from any other light bulb made in that era. So, why don't all light bulbs last for more than 100 years?

Back in the 1920's, lighting companies formed a global cartel with the aim of boosting sales. Light bulb manufacturers intentionally cut the life span of all light bulbs to no more than 1000 hours. While the cartel eventually faded away, the 1000-hour rule has continued on for decades. This profit-boosting technique is called "planned obsolescence," and is seen all too often nowadays with technology companies and their products which are intentionally made to be incompatible with older models.

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