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WATCH: USC students were asked why they're protesting Ben Shapiro — their answers were clueless

Glenn Beck

Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks spoke with several of the students protesting ahead of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro's speech at the University of Southern California.

Fletcher asked demonstrators if they supported free speech and why they believed Shapiro should not be allowed to speak. While most were quick to cite Shapiro's alleged degrading comments toward "women," "minority groups," and "LGBTQ communities," no one was able to offer a single instance of such "hate speech."

On Friday's episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn broke down several scenes from the Fleccas video and weighed in on why so many millennials don't seem to understand the importance of free speech.

"The millennials that I know, the millennials I work with, they are hungry, they're starving, and here's what they're starving for," Glenn said. "They are starving, not for somebody to tell them what to think and what to say ... they can get that anywhere and everywhere. Every teacher they've ever had has told them what to think. Society tells them what to say, what's popular, what's not, where to stand at all times."

Watch the video at the top of the page to get more of Glenn's take.

Here's the full Fleccas Talks video below:

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