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WHALE FAIL: Crews try to toss dead whale in dumpster. It doesn't go well.


In a whale of a blunder, a crew in Rye, New Hampshire, tried to stuff a 4,000-pound dead whale into a dumpster on Monday morning.

After the juvenile minke whale washed up on Jenness Beach, the crew used a front-end loader to haul the carcass from the beach to a parking lot, then tried to drop it into an obviously too-small dumpster. The embarrassingly colossal fail was caught on social media and is quickly making the rounds.

On “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” Thursday, Glenn and Stu marveled at the lack of spacial awareness demonstrated in this incident.

"So it won't even fit into the loader," Glenn said about the whale carcass. "Then they drive up to the dumpster and they just let the loader go ... it just kind of lies across the dumpster for a second and then falls down. There's no way it's going to fit."

"It's not even remotely close," agreed Stu.

Watch the clip above to catch more of the conversation.

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