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What is 'The Resistance' anyway?


It’s really easy to find out what The Resistance thinks and feels. The entirety of their platform is on their website – and hasn’t been updated since December 28, 2016. This is odd, considering that President Donald Trump, the subject of their fear and ire, didn’t take office until January 20, 2017.

That’s okay, though. There is no evidence and there are no actual facts on their site or in their platform. Trump just equals hate somehow. And herein lies the danger of The Resistance, as Allie Stuckey explains in this “Here’s the Deal.”

Everything they espouse is rooted in feelings, cornering the market on terms like “compassion” and “love,” which means that anyone against them hates those things and is on the wrong side of history. The language manipulation makes it seem like they’re using Orwell’s ”1984” as a play book.

She recommended the use of logic and facts in engaging with persons pushing an emotional socialist agenda. The Resistance has established themselves as a moral authority. Read carefully, think critically, and speak factually to win the war on truth.

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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