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When the dust clears in the Trump WH, who will be standing -- Bannon or McMaster?

Dana Loesch

On Wednesday, National Security adviser H.R. McMaster fired yet another National Security Council aide. Senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, was the third aide (after Derek Harvey and Rich Higgins) to be removed by McMaster in the last three weeks. All three NSC aides were loyal Steve Bannon supporters whose dismissals have prompted retaliation from Bannon allies among President Donald Trump’s administration.

As the McMaster-Bannon civil war gains momentum, White House chief of staff John Kelly may be fueling the fire. Sources say that Kelly has been backing McMaster in purging the NSC of “Bannonites” and President Trump seems to be taking McMaster’s side when he told a White House official, "Sometimes he drives me nuts, but there's something about the guy I really like."

With so much internal struggle, Dana asked her panel tonight on "Dana," “How in the world can the Administration hope to at all come together to tackle health care and the budget?”

"To be honest with you, I don't know," replied Kane Lightle. "And until they do come together, there's really nothing to talk about, bottom line."

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