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Why character and authenticity are what matter to Millennials

Glenn Beck

After Stu Burguiere makes a tongue-in-cheek remark that Glenn Beck's problem is that he keeps "weirdly holding onto this idea that there's some future" for the country, Glenn explains to Jeff Fisher and Stu why he believes Millennials respond to character and authenticity.

The hope Glenn holds onto comes from Millennials. He asks rhetorically, "Why is Bernie Sanders popular? He's authentic." He further clarifies that authenticity alone is not enough to sway the younger generation — after all, Donald Trump is authentic but unloved by young Americans: "Character is more important – authenticity will get you a spike, it'll draw a crowd...but it will not keep the crowd."

In other words, Glenn believes Millennials are searching for authenticity with an ethical backbone.

"They learned most likely from watching television. Whether their parents taught it or not, they learned in the '90s character matters, and there is such a lack of character now," Glenn says

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