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Will Sen. Mike Lee derail the Republicans' health-care reform bill?

Glenn Beck

As TheBlaze reported Tuesday, Sen. Mike Lee (R–Utah) recently admonished Congressional Republicans for focusing their efforts on repealing and replacing the Affordable  Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, in a single bill.

Given the GOP's emphatic, repeated promises over the past seven years to do away with Obama's 2010 comprehensive health-care reform package, Lee believes the Party should utilize its current political momentum to force through a simpler bill repealing the law, then work on replacing it using "an iterative, step-by-step process in which we can put the American consumer, patients and doctors back in charge of their own health-care decisions rather than having them made by government bureaucrats in Washington."

Stu Burguiere disagreed with Lee's unbending stance Thursday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," preferring to see Republicans put together the best replacement bill they can gather sufficient votes to pass, rather than repealing Obamacare and leaving Americans who currently rely on the ACA to fend for themselves while Congress crafts a replacement.

"I'd hate to let this go by and Obamacare lives, but I mean this is obviously not the right bill. So you need dramatic improvement to it," Stu says. "But if you can get dramatic improvement, you know, maybe you do pull the trigger on it, even if it's not perfect. You know, you want Obamacare gone. I want a lot of those taxes gone. I want a lot of that regulation gone. If you can get most of that gone, maybe you do it."

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