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Witnessing violence changes children's brains


Glenn Beck and the Think Tank panel talked about how violence in our culture is affecting our children. Glenn said, "In every study...violence is impacting our kids. And it's one thing that none of us are willing to look at."

Tracy Levinson agreed that as a parent and a teacher, she can see the impact, pointing out that the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until around age 25.

Chief researcher for TheBlaze Jason Buttrill traded parenting stories with Glenn about how they handle situations when their sons become mesmerized by the video games they play. Levinson emphasized the necessity of parents taking responsibility what they allow their children to experience.

Brandon Morse paraphrased C.S. Lewis' idea that "Play is very serious to a child." He wondered at what age do we help kids differentiate between bad violence and violence that solves problems? Glenn noted that he took his 13-year-old to see the critically acclaimed 'Hacksaw Ridge,' pointing out gravely that "This is what war is like."

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