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Horowitz: There will be no red states left when the courts are done with their business
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Horowitz: There will be no red states left when the courts are done with their business

If we ever hope to recreate America again in red states, we will have to set aside the notion that courts get the final say over broad public policy issues.

To have a nation with borders and immigration laws is "unconstitutional," according to a radical Florida judge. If this is not a wake-up call about the irremediable corruption of the judiciary, then nothing ever will be.

The same judiciary that ignores an individual right to bodily autonomy now believes there is a right for a local government to thwart federal immigration law, preventing states from enforcing federal law against those localities. Up is down and down is up.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Florida's law banning sanctuary cities is somehow unconstitutional and violates the Equal Protection Clause. You heard that right – you don't have the right to keep your vaccination status to yourself, but a local government has a collective right not to share immigration history of illegal alien sex offenders with ICE.

You might be wondering how in the world it is permissible for localities to thwart federal immigration law, much less how it's "unconstitutional" for a state to ensure they follow it. Easy, according to Bloom. She now feels that if organizations she disagrees with politically advocate for a certain law, that means the law is unconstitutional!

"Allowing anti-immigrant hate groups that overtly promote xenophobic, nationalist, racist ideologies to be intimately involved in a bill's legislative process is a significant departure from procedural norms," Bloom wrote in the September 21 ruling. "This involvement strongly suggests that the Legislature enacted SB 168 to promote and ratify the racist views of these advocacy groups."

Thus, you can now have a judge say that any law supported by yours truly is facially unconstitutional by virtue of a "racist" supporting it!

Bloom also contended that as long as the result of the law will affect more Hispanics, it automatically makes it unconstitutional. "These discriminatory motives are made evident from the historical and ongoing pattern of racial discrimination by law enforcement and the growing reliance on an immigrant threat narrative to justify the enactment of anti-immigrant legislation across the nation," the judge wrote.

What this means is that if you happen to receive the majority of illegal immigration from a particular group of people, you can no longer have immigration laws because they will "disproportionately" affect a particular group, which is not even American, not entitled to our court system, and not governed by our Constitution.

While the courts create rights for illegal aliens at breakneck speed, they are affirming state laws and hospital policies violating bodily autonomy of Americans. The Second Circuit just upheld New York City's new vaccine mandate on teachers. Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that a health care provider serving the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati region can issue mandates requiring its more than 10,000 employees to get vaccinated or risk termination. The courts have never been there for the most sacred individual human rights of Americans throughout the past year and a half, even as they grant injunctions for illegal aliens at the drop of a hat.

Naturally, one would think the solution to COVID fascist mandates would be to move to the few red states where Republican governors actually protect the people from rules against their bodily autonomy. Well, the courts have us covered there as well! The same courts that ignore individual rights to breathe freely have recognized "rights" for local governments and school districts to forcibly regulate the breathing of students with masks! Not only are such rules not unconstitutional, in their estimation, even if they require a kid to cover his breathing for seven hours, but it's unconstitutional to not allow local governments to do so! The same federal courts who crush state sovereignty suddenly believe in sovereignty of cities over states.

So far, nearly every state that barred localities from instituting restrictions on breathing has been confronted with a court injunction on behalf of those counties. The latest ruling came from a South Carolina federal judge who believes allowing people to breathe freely somehow discriminates against people with disabilities. But what is so bizarre is that if masks work, then those people are certainly free to wear them. Yet we can't get an injunction in court on behalf of the right to breathe, only on behalf of those who want others not to have the right to breathe. The lawsuit was brought by the ACLU of all organizations!

The court system is rigged beyond repair. What COVID fascism has taught us is that the courts will never serve as a tool of protection for our civil liberties and can and will only be used as a cudgel against our liberty, society, and sovereignty.

As I warned five years ago in my book, "Stolen Sovereignty," elections and red states won't matter one bit if we continue to accede to the lie of judicial supremacism:

Pick your favorite conservative issue and your preferred policy solution and understand that the courts will toss out many of those policies. There is a standing army of legal professionals waiting to assail religious liberty, create new rights for criminals, and invalidate immigration enforcement acts at the drop of a hat.
During one of his final public speeches before his death, Justice Antonin Scalia rhetorically asked, "Do you think the American people would ever have ratified the Constitution if they had been told 'the meaning of this document shall be whatever a majority of the Supreme Court says it is'?" Well, I think we can certainly answer that question with regard to the political opinions of a single district judge.

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