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The second Democratic debate highlighted for the world the pathetic state of the Dems' slate of candidates

The second Democratic debate highlighted for the world the pathetic state of the Dems' slate of candidates

How has Elizabeth Warren won TWO debates?

Some thoughts on the second round of Democratic presidential debates (thoughts that clearly have me cutting against some of the conservative grain):

Joe Biden was dreadful in a second consecutive debate, but is still somehow believed to be the fait accompli frontrunner to many right-leaning pundits in a party dominated by pagan lunacy. I have no idea how both of those things can be true at the same time.

For if he is still the frontrunner despite his poor performances, it would have to be because the base of the Democratic Party isn't nearly as leftist as we think and instead views Biden as just the sort of moderate to best beat Trump. But MSNBC's own running of the numbers just this week doesn't show that to be remotely true, instead telling us that the Democratic base is far outside the American mainstream on issue after issue.

So here's where I'm at on Biden: He's gone from presumed nominee to slump buster, the Joe Schmo everyone beats up on to earn their bones. His only rhetorical victory in debate number two was a meaningless burn against the pathetic and grating Kirsten Gillibrand. Heck, he was the victim of the only non-embarrassing memorable moment so far for the Cory Booker campaign. That's not winning. That's a tale of woe.

I remain convinced Kamala Harris is the Democrats' best shot in 2020. She's the only one soulless, shameless, and craven enough to stand toe to toe with Trump on a stage. There's no lie she won't tell, nor any position she won't triangulate/flip. She even had multiple takes on multiple issues all within the last debate.

Many on the right are saying she was destroyed in that debate, but I think they are missing the big picture. If you were polling around 5 percent before the debates began in June, and you are now known for easily gutting President Obama's vice president while subsequently being treated by moderators and candidates alike as a clear frontrunner, then that's an unambiguous win for Harris. Sure, she took a shot to the jaw from smoke-show Tulsi '1 percent' Gabbard, but it's just silly to believe she's crippled or boxed in now. I think she's just getting started.

Elizabeth Warren has managed to do the impossible thus far: go from being an utter political punchline on multiple fronts to the clear winner of two consecutive debates. She did it by forgetting about preposterous beer-swilling-with-the-hubby niceness, and just deciding to go full throat communist crusader.

Warren has made herself the softer side of Sears compared to fellow, but cranky, Marxist Kamikaze pilot Bernie Sanders. Sanders is Stalin while Warren is Trotsky. She's the intellectual Marxist, while Sanders is the Stalinist jack-boot to the throat. I mean the dude honey-mooned in the Soviet Union, for Marx's sake. Plus, Warren has the Democratic Party's propaganda arm, more commonly known as the mainstream media, carrying her water. They've decided they don't have to carry Sanders' Bolshevik optics across the finish line when they have Warren's intersectionality card to play.

Furthermore, she's learned a huge lesson from all the Pocahontas stuff, which means everyone's questions about you must be far less important to your campaign strategy than the answers you want to give. Every time a moderator tries to pin her down with specifics, she doubles down on emotional pandering and cursing the Trumpian darkness. Progressives freaking love that crap.

Nobody else is even a remotely serious contender at this point. Full stop. Yes, that's pathetic. And yes, that's something all conservatives can agree on.

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