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Commentary: Trans mania will subside. When it does, there must be a reckoning and a registry.
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Commentary: Trans mania will subside. When it does, there must be a reckoning and a registry.

Trans mania will peter out, as did the hysteria around COVID. It's not a matter of if, but of when, although a great many lives will likely be destroyed in the meantime.

When the spell breaks and the progressive masses withdraw their support for mutilating children and the mentally ill, it is unlikely they'll examine what they got wrong or check in on those they've savaged.

Instead, self-absolved of all wrongdoing, they will glom onto the next lunatic fad, just as the American left did after Krushchev spoiled their red dream in 1956. If the pandemic and its aftermath are any indication, they will do so seamlessly, painlessly, and uncritically.

It is important that those responsible for the mutilations that have already taken place do not go unpunished or at the very least unnoted — particularly not the physicians who violated their oaths, the parents who violated sacred trusts, the teachers who transformed schools into breeding grounds for transgenderism, the organizations that turned victims into lifelong dependents, and the lawmakers who made it all possible.

Since it is unlikely they can be tried retroactively for their crimes against humanity, it is prudent now to consider other ways to hold them accountable and in so doing ensure that the left’s transition to its next lunatic fad will not be so seamless, painless, or uncritical.

Reaching the tipping point

While the socio-political force the editor of First Things calls the “Rainbow Reich” remains incredibly powerful, it appears increasingly exposed on the transgender front, where its pronoun protectors are being flanked by an informal coalition of feminists, women’s sports organizations, parental rights groups, conservatives, and the common man’s common sense.

The resistance is presently piecemeal, but building.

For instance, late last month, two female ESPN hosts cosigned All-American swim star Riley Gaines’ protest of the invasion of women’s sports by transvestites.

Republican lawmakers in Montana followed the example of others around the country in passing legislation to protect children from confusion-affirming genital mutilation, experimental puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones, despite veiled threats from their Democratic colleagues and attempts at intimidation by leftist radicals who stormed the Capitol last Monday.

Twitter is no longer taking an active role in promoting transgender propaganda and punishing its critics, having recently rolled back its policy on penalizing users who refer to others in accordance with their biological sex.

The transgender movement is also suffering a break in its ranks with former proponents baring their hearts and showing their wounds.

Personal stories of detransition told by people who regret the irreversible medical interventions they suffered are now receiving greater attention and more serious consideration.

It would not surprise me if Jared Jennings – the boy whose parents sought to transition him at the age of five, then paraded around on television – will one day turn on the pronoun praetorians. After all, his regrets can serve as the dark cloud to a silver lining.

When we reach the tipping point, what can we expect to be said of people like his mother, Jeanette Jennings, who admitted on camera to daily forcing her son to keep his groin wound fresh? Will there be a reckoning for the Miami surgeon who cut off so many girls’ healthy breasts that she dubbed herself “Dr. Teetus Deletus”? Will the Washington state Democrats who passed legislation allowing strangers to more or less kidnap children keen on sex changes be forced to apologize?

The precedent does not breed optimism.

Rinse and repeat

Consider the ease with which Brown University economist Emily Oster wrote herself and others formerly supportive of lockdowns, mandated vaccines, masking outdoors, shuttered schools, and other so-called health protocols back into America's good graces.

TheBlaze previously reported that Oster demanded in an Oct. 31 Atlantic article, "Let's declare a pandemic amnesty."

Oster glossed over the more severe measures taken and rules enforced in the name of public safety, instead referencing the arbitrary closure of beaches and the unjustifiable closure of schools as two examples of "getting it wrong."

Oster argued that in "the face of so much uncertainty ... getting something wrong wasn't a moral failing."

"We didn't know," Oster wrote, indicating that ignorance justified the rest. "We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID."

The trouble with Oster's claim to ignorance – as well as with any future claim to ignorance about the inhumanity of puberty blockers or sex changes on kids – is that even when progressives do know better, they don't change, but rather continue down the wrong path and summon others to follow suit.

A January 2022 Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports survey found that 45% of Democrats, whom Oster might strain to have us believe were still "in the dark about COVID," said they "would favor governments requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine."

The same post-pandemic survey found that 29% of Democrats also supported tearing children away from their parents if the parents refused the jab.

Like the American reds who went on defending communism after Stalin's crimes were exposed by a fellow Soviet in the 1950s, progressives went on defending COVID tyranny after the narrative had begun to crumble.

Despite progressives' tyrannical wrongheadedness when it came to COVID, America apparently saw fit to let them off the hook, perhaps heeding the postwar wisdom of Abraham Lincoln and endeavoring to express "malice toward none" in hopes of binding up "the nation's wounds."

What good is there in binding up wounds and hoping they heal if the very same aggressor means to slash again with a different blade? In permitting the Randi Weingartens of the world go back to work destroying children by the school-full after proving themselves both dangerous and unrepentant?

If the right does not confront and disarm the knife-wielding maniac, all the bandages and antiseptic in the world won't save America.

In the case of the COVID tyrants, Blaze TV’s Steve Deace called for Nuremberg-like trials. Cynically, as it pertains to the trans maniacs, I’m aiming lower.

National registry of sex-change offenders

Red-state Republicans are presently taking steps to stop the bloodletting. When the obstacles laid before them by activists and the Biden Department of Justice are finally overcome, future confusion-affirming butchers and their co-conspirators will be thrown in jail and/or fined.

These measures only address future crimes. What of the offenders and crimes of yesteryear?

The law cannot be applied retroactively, particularly not when the horrors inflicted on minors were at the time not just legal but celebrated by the executive branch, the media, big business, and the ideologically captive medical establishment.

Nevertheless, it is critically important that Americans, particularly those on the right, take every lawful measure possible to hold the butchers, druggists, and propagandists to account, especially since recent history indicates they are unlikely to independently assume any responsibility whatsoever.

Readers more creative than I will no doubt come up with more effective ways, but I figured I'd at least proffer one half-measure.

America presently puts those who prey upon children on sex offender registries.

Registered offenders have to introduce themselves when moving into an area. They are searchable in a database so that parents, employers, and others can "identify location information on sex offenders living, working and attending school not only in their own neighborhoods but in other nearby states and communities."

In lieu of torches and pitchforks, I propose a nongovernmental sex-change offender registry to draw what Alexis de Tocqueville would call a "formidable circle" around those who were ready and willing to sacrifice children to the Moloch of our age – around officials and persons once or still in positions of authority who championed child mutilation, mutilated children, or directly profited from kids' transmogrification.

Such a registry would provide parents with the knowledge and confidence that they aren't leaving their children in a classroom, doctor's office, or other setting with a maniac. The registry might, for instance, dissuade parents from enrolling their child in a particular school. Alternatively, it might prompt them to select a school whose staff didn't spend the past several years trying to transition minors.

Employers who deal with children might also like to know whether prospective hires have advocated for the butchery or chemical abuse of their clientele.

Such a registry might also prove consequential for lawmakers, serving a similar purpose as a political scorecard, not unlike CPAC's congressional rating system or the NRA Political Victory Fund's grading system. This way, when the next bad idea comes around and progressive representatives jump on board, they will do so shackled to a record voters can easily access.

By actively naming and shaming those who today advocate for the medical maligning of children, it may be possible to chasten the bandits and possibly spare America a few more scars.

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