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Border and sanctuary crises continue as Congress leaves town

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It’s a pretty big deal when local governments announce their version of secession from federal immigration enforcement. Yet not a single Senate Republican has made a peep about the issue, as both parties quickly passed a budget continuing resolution to fund government without addressing the crisis. If the entire conservative movement won’t stand up now to fight sanctuary cities and the border crisis in the budget, when and how will Trump’s immigration promises ever be fulfilled?

The Senate passed the stopgap spending bill just before leaving town on Thursday, locking in record high spending across the board and offering an extra half a billion for the census. The census will now receive a record $7.3 billion. That was the one emergency issue senators felt compelled to address in the budget before leaving town for Thanksgiving. But what is the purpose of taking a census if not only are illegal aliens being harbored by sanctuary cities, but they are counted in the census as if they are Americans? Sanctuaries harbor even the most dangerous murderers and child rapists while using the presence of these aliens in their districts to juice up their representation. That is the exact opposite of what our Founders had in mind for the census and the very impetus for giving the feds control over immigration policy.

Earlier this week, the Prince George’s County, Maryland, council voted unanimously to bar local officials from communicating with ICE. This is a direct challenge to the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, as 8 U.S.C. §1373 explicitly bars localities from restricting communication with ICE and §1324 bars them from shielding illegal aliens.

It’s truly difficult to overstate the danger of this rebellion to the safety and stability of our republic. Prince George’s County has now attracted scores of MS-13 gang members from Central America, and while they are being counted in our own census, they are committing murders. In May, two illegal aliens charged with a gruesome MS-13 murder were released by county police in defiance of federal law. They had previously been charged with murder exactly one year before and were also released in defiance of an ICE detainer.

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