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CNN’s resident ‘sleaze ball’ Brian Stelter actually has the audacity to attack Levin for 'fake news'

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CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter once again shows that he is a partisan left-wing hack hell-bent on pushing an agenda instead of facts. This time he’s blaming LevinTV host Mark Levin for being part of a “smear machine” against one of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, when actually, days before Stelter’s attack, Levin acknowledged that an article he shared was later revealed to be false. "It was wrong, and we removed it," Levin said on the radio last week.

Last week, the Drudge Report highlighted a story purportedly showing that Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was a horrible professor, according to reviews on the website The story linked by Drudge had the wrong woman, who shares a name with Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Many people shared the story across social media, including Levin. He quickly deleted the post upon learning that it was a false story. Days after Levin removed the story from his social media accounts, Stelter went on the attack. On his misnamed television show, “Reliable Sources,” Stelter laid into the “right-wing smear machine” he claimed was attacking Kavanaugh’s accuser with false accusations. Stelter accused Levin by name.

As Levin put it yesterday, Stelter is a “sleaze ball” who selectively reports news that fits his agenda. In other words, he is definitely not a journalist. Stelter is a left-wing partisan hack playing a “journalist” on TV.

Stelter actually still claims to be a neutral, nonpartisan journalist, and he gets testy when he’s called out for his bias, as when Kellyanne Conway did so to his face.

Stelter’s bias is undeniable, as is the bias of his employer, CNN.

Stelter has a long history of hackish, sleazy behavior. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Back in December 2016, Stelter pushed an unsubstantiated video purporting to show someone speaking Arabic being kicked off of a plane. Stelter did this via social media, and the video was later shown to be a hoax. What’s worse? The video came from a serial hoaxer, and Stelter fought back against someone who rightly called it a hoax right after he shared it. Stelter had a narrative to push, and he did so.
  • Then there’s the time earlier in 2016 when Stelter claimed that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh might be rooting for Hillary Clinton’s death, because they brought up her health woes. That’s a classic Stelter tactic he shares with conspiracy theorists. You see, Stelter isn’t saying, he’s just observing.
  • Then there was the time, earlier this year, when Stelter was pushing rumors about the “missing” Melania Trump. Again, he was just sharing what others were saying. He wouldn’t be pushing an agenda or anything, would he?
  • And of course, when Levin connected the dots about surveillance of Trump during the campaign, Stelter went into overdrive to attack him. Levin hit back hard against Stelter. Levin has been vindicated. We have learned that the DOJ did surveil campaign associates during the campaign.

Brian Stelter is a partisan hack. He continues to prove it on a daily basis. Often, the things we harp on other people about are things we hate about ourselves. Is that what’s going on with Stelter? Maybe the armchair psychiatrist can self-diagnose.

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