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'I am a nasty Democrat. I will not wear your MAGA hat.'

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In what appears to be the Left’s latest attempt to extend its “Everything is Racist” tour into the fall, some screwball public-school librarian in Cambridge, Mass., by the name of Liz Phipps Soeiro decided to get her 15 minutes of fame by calling the seminal and universally loved Dr. Seuss works "racist."

First lady Melania Trump sent out a collection of  Dr. Seuss books to school libraries around the country. But as just one of the 50 schools to receive them, Soeiro turned them away because, she claims, “Dr. Seuss’ illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”

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Of course, that’s a ludicrous statement to begin with. But it’s exponentially more ludicrous since the very same librarian dressed up like the Cat in the Hat (all the while hugging a copy of the book) on at least one occasion.

What could possibly be her explanation for this!? My theory is, she already has her own version of Dr. Seuss that she teaches her students. And on CRTV's FREE “White House Brief,” I imagined what Dr. Seuss-style propaganda this far-Left nut might be teaching her students, instead of the real Dr. Seuss:

I am a nasty Democrat

I will not wear your MAGA hat  

I will not wear it here or there

I will not wear it anywhere.


I'd rather wear my p***y hat

And March on Washington like a spoiled brat.

I wish that Hillary had won

To raise your taxes and ban your guns.


I do not like this Donald Trump

I'd like to kick him in the rump.

I wish it had been Hillary

Even though she lied and got 4 people killed in Benghazi.


I will resist Trump here and there

I will resist Trump anywhere

I won’t admit this election was fair

So destroy this president I will, I swear!


I will resist him on a boat

I will resist him with my vote

I will resist him when he's right

I will resist him ‘cause he's white.


I won't admit Russia's a ruse

I'd rather lie for clicks and views

I actually have no freaking clue

What's going on in the world, but I pretend I do!


I do not think that speech is free

Unless, of course, you take the knee

That Rocket Man is bad I see

But Donald Trump is worse for me!


I'm a progressive liberal, can't you tell!

I use my safe space as a shell

I'm a progressive liberal can't you see?

I'll have Antifa bust your knee.


I do not like opposing views

And murder is just the “right to choose!"

No, I do not like opposing views

I’d rather sit and watch fake news.

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