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Feds charge illegal alien fake breastfeeding mother with identity theft of an American

Conservative Review

Remember Maria Domingo-Garcia – the illegal alien mother who claimed to be breastfeeding a baby and got the media to shed tears on her behalf? Not only did ICE confirm she was not lactating, but it turns out that far from being a sympathetic victim, she actually victimized an American citizen or legal immigrant with identity theft.

Yesterday, Domingo-Garcia was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of ID theft and documentation fraud. The unsealed indictment, which was signed by a federal magistrate in the Southern District of Mississippi, charges Domingo-Garcia with knowingly obtaining a stolen Social Security card to gain employment at the Koch Foods plant in Norton, Mississippi, and falsely representing the identity of that number to obtain benefits.

The August 20 indictment came on the same day ICE confirmed that immigration personnel determined through a medical exam that Domingo-Garcia was not lactating and was therefore lying to the media through her attorneys, who claimed that ICE separated her from a nursing baby.

This is what is often lost in the media cycle about crying babies and sympathetic imagery of illegal aliens. They try to paint a portrait of harmless workers being attacked by big bad ICE agents. The reality is that many of these people have stolen American Social Security cards and have destroyed or disrupted countless lives. Bloomberg reporter Drew Armstrong recently wrote an essay chronicling his personal devastation caused by an illegal alien identity thief. It took him six years to clean up the financial mess, the endless purchases under his name, and the watchlists that he was placed on as a result of the illicit activity.

Why are the media or the politicians never looking out for the Americans who are victimized by those working here illegally under stolen identities?

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