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GOP Senate candidate approves race-baiting attacks against primary opponent Nick Freitas

Conservative Review

Activists tied to Virginia Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Stewart are launching nasty, race-baiting attacks on Stewart's primary opponent Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper — and Stewart is entirely unapologetic about it.

Freitas raised the issue Thursday night during a GOP primary debate at Liberty University, featuring the three candidates vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., in November. Freitas, who is of Portuguese descent, called out the disgusting tactics of two Stewart field directors who've made posts on social media saying the name "Freitas" sounds like something you order at Taco Bell and questioning Freitas' citizenship.

“My daughter came over to me one day and asked, ‘Daddy, what is wrong with our last name?’ And it’s because two of [Stewart’s] field directors were putting out memes that were saying things like ‘Freitas sounds like something more on the dollar menu at Taco Bell than it does a U.S. Senate candidate,’" said Freitas, a special forces combat veteran who was born in Chico, California.

“I fought for my country. I am every bit as much a citizen as you are, Corey Stewart, and I don’t appreciate it when my kids have to ask me that question in this country."

Stewart was unapologetic.

“I pledged to run a vicious and ruthless race against Tim Kaine in November," he responded. "You know why? Because he’s going to run one against us. And if all it takes is to make a little bit of fun of your name by some supporters out there of mine, if that’s all it takes to get under your skin, you’ve got some major problems if you were ever to get this nomination. I don’t think you’re gonna do it, but if you did, he’s going to eat you up, spit you out.”

Several people in the audience booed.

It's clear what the two Stewart-campaign affiliates are doing. They believe Republican voters in Virginia are stupid and racist, and they are trying to ostracize Freitas to voters by making him sound scary and ethnic.

It's despicable. And at this debate, Corey Stewart gave them his stamp of approval.

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