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Horowitz: The Democrat Palestinian ‘peace’ plan: Immoral and indefensible

Horowitz: The Democrat Palestinian ‘peace’ plan: Immoral and indefensible

Democrats have a real problem with borders. Even as emphatic as the Left is about demanding that Trump destroy our secure borders, leftists seem to go absolutely apoplectic over his support for Israel’s right to secure its borders. Democrats condemned Trump’s peace plan in unison, regarding his generous proposal for a demilitarized Palestinian state as not substantial enough for their Hamas allies. “Trump's ‘peace plan’ is a rubber stamp for annexation and offers no chance for a real Palestinian state,” fumed Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

So what do the Democrats and leftists want? The global elites and leftists repeat their mantra of a two-state solution and a Palestinian state like mindless robots without any regard for the geography, security situation, or logistical reality of such a proposition. It’s become a punch line without any meaning – much like the need for “comprehensive immigration reform” or “criminal justice reform.”

Regardless of the history of the Holy Land and how we’ve gotten to this point in history, it makes no sense to push for another state west of the Jordan River at this point – unless the objectives of those pursuing it are more sinister than a mere credulous desire to make peace with terrorists.

A geographically impossible approach  

If one were to come to Earth from Mars and listen to the world leaders discuss Israel and a two-state solution with a laser focus on every last morsel of land (the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, Golan), he would come away with the impression that the land in dispute is a massive territory – one in which can be created two viable, contiguous countries. In reality, modern-day Israel, even without the so-called West Bank, is only 8,522 square miles, roughly the size of New Jersey. When coupled with the “West Bank,” that area only expands by 2,180 square miles.

New Jersey has almost 8.9 million residents and is already the most densely populated state in the United States. Israel’s population is roughly 8.7 million and is rapidly growing. Just based on geography alone, does it make any sense to deny Israel the 2,180 square miles it was originally granted and won back in a defensive war?

Moreover, none of the proponents of this mythical yet unassailable solution have ever explained how two independently contiguous states could be created by uniting Gaza with Judea/Samaria. Presumably, there is an unspoken plan to grab even more land from the heart of Israel in the south to make a proposed Arab “Palestinian” state contiguous in all its territory. An underground tunnel will not suffice in the long run.

Let’s take this a step further. The Arab/Muslim countries constitute a land mass 640 times the size of Israel. Does it make sense to squeeze the last few thousand square miles from the only Jewish state in order to create an Arab national state in the Holy Land for the first time in history, if there are well over 12 million square miles of Muslim lands?

Indefensible “Auschwitz borders”

It is clear that anyone peddling a two-state solution without the conditions Trump prescribed has either never looked at a map of the region or is implicitly supporting a “final solution” of pushing the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. Just consider the consequences of Israel’s surrender of Gaza and extrapolate those grave dangers to Judea and Samaria.

When Israel surrendered the Gaza Strip in 2005, it immediately came under attack by short-range and medium-range rockets, attacks that continue to this very day. It was during one iteration of the rocket war that Israel discovered an even more serious threat to its existence. Hamas had dug a series of complex tunnels from Gaza underground that extended for miles deep into Israeli territory. Hamas planned to use those tunnels to commit mass terror attacks and conduct kidnapping missions throughout southern Israel.

Now consider the fact that Gaza is located in the southwest corner of Israel, the “least” perilous location for a tiny country defending against a genocidal enemy. Imagine if Hamas were allowed to create a state in Judea and Samaria – the heart of Israel? There would not be a single square inch of the remainder of Israeli territory that would not be subject to a perennial threat of terror attacks and infiltrations.

Were Israel to cede Samaria, even if the “Palestinian” state were demilitarized (which in itself is a pipe dream), any two-bit terror cell could paralyze the country indefinitely with cheap surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, and shoulder-fired rockets. Samaria is a mountainous region overlooking Israel’s coastal plain – the area containing 70 percent of the Jewish population and 80 percent of the country’s industrial base, as well as its only international airport. This tiny geographical strip, at its narrowest point, is nine miles wide. There is no way to defend it against the rockets and tunnels. This is exactly what Israel’s legendary diplomat Abba Eban meant when he referred to such an idea as “Auschwitz borders.”

Worse, once a recognized state is created, Israel would have no ability to conduct counterterror operations to halt the inevitable terror attacks. Any incursion would be regarded acts of war. Also, the newly created Arab government would play good cop/bad cop with the local terror networks and accuse Israel of launching a war of aggression against a peaceful government.

The only conclusion one can draw from leftist politicians and world leaders pushing an Arab Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is that either they are ignorant of the security situation and geography of the land, or they are seeking something much more sinister than a “two-state solution.”

The immoral double standard of a two-state solution

If the dangerous motives of the two-state solution aren’t apparent already, consider one final point that speaks to the immoral dichotomy inherent in creating an Arab Palestinian state. Israel is the only Jewish state in the world, yet despite its relatively tiny size, there are two million Arabs – mostly Muslims – living within the “pre-1967” Israeli borders. They enjoy full civil rights, voting rights, and representation in the Israeli parliament. Their elected officials have been free to side with Israel’s enemies while serving in the Knesset. Their members have even been free to walk out while the Israeli national anthem is played.

Now let’s examine the nature of the proposed Arab Palestinian state. What is the unspoken, yet implicit, directive of creating a Palestinian state? To make that land completely Judenrein – deracinating every last vestige of Judaism from the heart of the inherited land.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, it used its own military to physically uproot every last Jewish resident of the region. Jewish houses, businesses, and farms were destroyed and the Jews exiled from their land. What’s worse, far from the painful concession fostering a peaceful reconciliation, Israel had to exhume every last Jewish grave in Gaza so that Jewish cemeteries would not be desecrated by the inevitable violence of the local Arabs. The Israeli government was originally going to destroy the synagogues but left them intact after the State Department and the Palestinian Authority promised to guard them. Yet within minutes of the Arabs occupying the land, the synagogues were torched and destroyed, vividly conjuring up images of Kristallnacht.

This is the Orwellian peaceful “solution” that would occur for the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Judea and Samaria, along with their cemeteries and holy sites, were Democrats and world leaders to successfully “promote a just and durable agreement,” as Bernie Sanders promised. In addition, remember, they also want to negotiate flooding the remaining skeleton borders of Israel with potentially millions more Arabs in addition to the two million already there.

If this double standard – forcing Israel to accept an unlimited number of hostile Arabs in a land the size of a broom closet on the geographical map while forcing out every Jew from the lands trodden by Abraham in Judea – is not inherently racist, then the oft-overused term has no meaning.

Hence, there is no moral, historical, or practical justification for pushing the creation of an Arab state west of the Jordan River other than ensuring the destruction of the only Jewish state in the world. And that’s exactly what these Democrat presidential candidates want. They despise Israel’s sovereignty and its desire to protect its people as much as they despise our own sovereignty and the security of our people.

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