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House conservative rips WaPo's Jenn Rubin over accusing Republicans of holding kids 'hostage'

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Rep. Chip Roy called out "conservative" Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin after the latter accused Republicans of being "willing to hold children hostage" over the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., caving on taking up a Trump-approved emergency border funding bill, Rubin — whose commentary has veered sharply to the left in recent years — defended the speaker from attacks on Twitter.

"Pelosi did the right thing because unlike R's the D's are not willing to hold children hostage," the columnist said.

Roy fired back Friday morning, saying in rebuttal that "The entire Democrat strategy was to hold children hostage — as they literally denied the existence of the crisis for months, and you full well know it."

The family separation policy, which included reports of holding children in cages, actually began under the presidency of former President Barack Obama.

Roy added, "The only problem with yesterday’s vote was that it won’t actually stop the crisis!"

The House sent the supplemental emergency bill to President Trump for his signature Thursday afternoon after intense speculation about whether or not Pelosi would fight to add progressive priorities in the House version to the final product.

House Republicans at one point even forced Democrats to block requests to bring up the bipartisan Senate bill a total of 81 times.

Ultimately, the speaker bowed to pressure and "reluctantly" agreed to bring the Senate's bipartisan version of the emergency spending bill up for a vote. It passed the House 305-102.

The bill was sent to the president almost two months after the administration requested  the emergency funds on May 1.

In an earlier statement, Roy — who voted against the Senate version of the emergency bill — explained that without border security, merely providing humanitarian assistance for the border crisis will only enable it to keep going and likened the bill to "a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound at best."

To Roy's point about Democrats' previous denial of the crisis, several prominent Democrats who once called the border crisis manufactured and opposed efforts to close asylum loopholes and secure the border have recently done a U-turn on the existence of a crisis — especially following a news photo of a father and daughter who drowned trying to illegally cross the Rio Grande river.

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