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Lefty Chris Cuomo won’t let a natural disaster go to waste

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Cuomo gets schooled …

Cuomo’s early-morning Sandy tweet … The Hill tweeted out a story this morning outlining Senator Ted Cruz’s reasons for not supporting the 2013 Sandy “relief” bill. Cruz’s stated reason is that it was loaded with pork, not focused on Sandy aid. CNN’s morning show liberal activist Chris Cuomo tweeted in response: “This was not true. He played politics and now that it is his state hopefully he will get better cooperation than he gave.” Conservative Twitter is having a field day with Cuomo’s false statement.

Flashback to 2013 … Sorry, Chris, but the facts don’t lie. The Sandy “relief” bill was pork-filled, precisely so that folks like you could attack those who didn’t support it as mean-spirited. That’s how pork happens. Here’s Katie Pavlich, writing at Townhall in January 2013 on the bill and outlining the ridiculous pork included in it.

Erickson sounds off … The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson, who himself was once a CNN contributor, asks THE question regarding Cuomo. “Why does CNN Keep Letting This Guy Pretend to Be a Journalist?” Erickson then shows how Cuomo has once again lied about Cruz on this matter.

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