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Levin: 'Obama had to know' about FISA warrant applications

Conservative Review

“Barack Obama had to know,” Mark Levin said on his radio show Tuesday evening, addressing the report on the wiretapping of Paul Manafort, President Trump's former campaign chairman.

Levin said that Obama himself had to have knowledge about the FISA warrant applications.

Conservative Review's editor-in-chief also reminded listeners how the mainstream media relentlessly attacked him for merely connecting the dots between a diverse set of news reports that ultimately led him to make the case that President Trump’s campaign had likely come under surveillance during Obama's presidency.

“The top levels of the White House knew that the opposition campaign … that there was surveillance activity going on. There’s no question about this now. Period. And I’m going to keep hammering this,” Levin pledged.

Levin then played a montage of CNN reporters and other prominent liberal media pundits insisting that he was recklessly promoting a baseless “conspiracy theory.”

“This is what they to do people who dare to stand up to them,” he said of the leftist media’s smear attacks.

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