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Mark Levin: 'You cannot have a leak right under the president’s nose like this!'

Conservative Review

On his radio show Wednesday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin urged listeners to ignore the fake White House scandals drummed up by the legacy media and focus on the ones that actually matter,

While the mainstream media and Trump’s political opponents focus on “phony scandals” concerning the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and Trump’s purported affair with an adult film star, the more serious problem has to do with the call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Levin said. Trump faced criticism after he offered the foreign leader congratulations on his controversial election victory.

“I wouldn’t congratulate Putin, but it’s not the end of the world,” Levin said. “Trump has stood up to Putin. He’s stood up to [Chinese president] Xi. He’s standing up to North Korea.”

The real problem with the story, Levin said, is that someone on the National Security Council went behind the president’s back to leak information to the press about how high-level White House aides urged Trump not to congratulate Putin prior to the call, and they need to be taken to task.

“That skunk, that rat fink, needs to be found, exposed, humiliated, and kicked the hell out of their job, whoever he or she is,” Levin concluded. “You cannot have a leak right under the president’s nose like this. It can't happen.”


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