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Media running cover for Valerie Plame after anti-Semitic tweets

Conservative Review

Imagine, if you will, a conservative tweeting that Jews in America are causing the country’s wars. That person would rightly be denounced by his fellow conservatives and pilloried in the media. But if you’re a progressive media darling, you get a hand-waving pass. This brings us to the way the media covered former CIA analyst Valerie Plame and her long history of anti-Semitic tweets.

When you’re Valerie Plame, and you’ve been a “victim” of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” complex, your allies in the media run cover for you. Especially when, like Plame, you are on the board of Ploughshares, an anti-nuclear proliferation “non-profit” former Obama aide and media darling Ben Rhodes says was instrumental in selling the Iran deal to the American public.

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