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MSM IGNORES violent Antifa plot caught on TAPE by Crowder

Conservative Review

Why does it take two late-night hosts — comedians — to expose the evil, violent activities of Antifa radicals? Because the liberal media complex doesn’t want to report on the hard Left. It wants instead to provide cover for it.

“Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder has released a new video, a video he told Conservative Review is “by far, the biggest video I’ve ever done.” In this undercover exposé, Crowder and his producer, Not Gay Jared, infiltrated an Antifa group at the University of Utah just before conservative commentator and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro was scheduled to speak there.

They became part of this Antifa group’s private internet message boards, had this group install an encrypted messaging app on their phones, and even learned their codenames. But things came to a head when Jared was handed a knife and a screwdriver and was informed of a plan to “lure” conservatives to a parking lot, where Antifa would lie in wait with a stash of hidden guns.

It was all caught on tape:

This footage was immediately turned over to the authorities, and according to Crowder, some of the individuals filmed were arrested. This was a serious threat of violence, and Crowder’s citizen journalism may have saved lives.

For months, the mainstream media denied the overtly violent history and activities of Antifa. But now they cannot ignore this dangerous group, right? Wrong. When Crowder showed his footage to a local news reporter, in the presence of police who confirmed the story, the reporter walked away. Likewise, ABC’s Dan Harris, co-host of “Nightline,” was showed the story. He turned it down.

The mainstream media won’t cover this video. They are covering for the violent Left. It is up to the American people to share it far and wide, to overcome the media blackout and show people the truth about Antifa.

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