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Poll: Florida governor and senate races are too close to call

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The statewide elections for U.S. Senate and governor in Florida are going to be nail biters, according to the latest poll from Strategic Research Associates, LLC.

The topline numbers for the gubernatorial race show a statistical tie, with Republican Ron DeSantis leading Democrat Andrew Gillum 48-45 percent. There is a 3.46 percent margin of error. Most of their supporters say they've made their decision, though more of Gillum's supporters say they probably won't change their minds, 87 percent, than DeSantis' supporters, 79 percent.

The candidates for governor concluded their second and final debate before the November 6 election on Wednesday evening, a contentious affair that got personal and was a described in the Miami Herald as "an old fashioned WWF cage match." DeSantis went after Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, Fla., for lying about receiving a ticket to the musical, "Hamilton," from an undercover FBI agent investigating his office for corruption. Gillum accused DeSantis of having ties to racists.

While less personal, the Senate race in Florida is just as close. Incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., leads outgoing Gov. Rick Scott, R, by a single point, 46-45 percent.

President Donald Trump's approval rating in Florida is 53 percent, according to the survey, which helps Republican candidates in the Sunshine State on Election Day.

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